Video Challenge Rules

• The video competition details will go live on this website on 1st September and videos must be submitted by 30th September.

• Submission must be made by sharing the video file.  This can be done by: uploading to a video sharing website and then emailing the link, emailing the video directly, or using a cloud storage service.

• The video must be a maximum of 3 minutes in length. If it is over 3 minutes, the video will be stopped by the judge and any information after will not be counted.

• Judges will mark the video on 3 categories: mathematical knowledge and understanding, creativity and presentation.  Up to 40 marks will be awarded for each category so a total of 120 points are up for grabs.

• Video’s must be created, edited, produced and filmed ONLY by the 4 students.

• Teacher support must be minimal; the project needs to be student led.

• The video must contain only ORIGINAL material to avoid copyright issues (including background music).

• Video files must be no bigger than 100MB (please compress them before sending if they are).

• There is no set specification of video camera; an iPad is perfectly acceptable.

• Please film in landscape mode.

• Videos will be made public on this website.  School’s must ensure they have permission for student’s to be featured online.  If permission is not granted then the students in question could do the filming.  In addition, student’s do not have to be in the video; screencasting, or other methods i.e. animation could be used.

•Results will be announced on October 7th.