Group Challenge Rules

• The group challenge will take place on the 6th October 2016.

• 20 challenges (with answers) will be emailed to all registered schools on this date.

• A supervising teacher must give out the challenges (keep the answers top secret).  The students can complete them in any order.

• A 2 hour session must be allocated on the day. The supervising teacher must time the students and strictly abide to the 2 hour limit.

• The students must work in their team of 4 with no support from other students/adults.

• Students may have access to a pencil and scrap paper for workings out.  But NO other equipment or software must be used.

• 6 points will be awarded per completed challenge.  The teacher must decide if the challenge has been successfully completed.

• If students do not complete a challenge, they may choose another one i.e. they do not have to complete a challenge that they begin.

• If an emergency or interruption occurs e.g. fire bell, the timer must be paused and resumed when possible.

• Teachers must email the total number of completed challenges as soon as the group challenge is complete.

• Results will be announced on 7th October 2016.